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Yuvixa visualizes what she wants!
This Diamond Summer Trip achiever gathers motivations at meetings and at Conference.

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Brenda is a super planner!
This Diamond Summer Trip achiever knows it is important to plan when you want to reach a goal.

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Alba says anything is possible

when you work with love & respect. Her goal is to help women get through tough times with JAFRA.

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Juana said JAFRA taught her to Dream

Now she actively inspires others to discover their talents and be their true selves.

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Growing up with a JAFRA Mom

Jennifer’s Mom, Sharon Knight, inspired her to see the Leader in herself through JAFRA.

Read why Jennifer feels JAFRA is a great fit for moms, here.

Vangie is a JAFRA Mom

Vangie says JAFRA teaches Leadership skills that can be passed onto children.

Check out what she learned from her own JAFRA mom here.

Volcanic Micro Polish Mask Featured as a Bridal Must Have!

JAFRA Royal Revitalize does it again as California Wedding Day magazine attests to the power, potency, & precision of the product.

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Hannah dotes on her Hostesses

…and recruits new ones in the process. By spoiling her Hostesses Hannah is cultivating success.

You’ve got to read how she does it, here.

Hostess coaching is the heart and soul

…of your success according to BJ. She’s a party pro.

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Flores blooms in Allure Magazine “Global Scents” editorial

In this beautiful spread, Allure praises Rodrigo Flores-Roux for designing the scent as an ode to his Mexican roots.

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Royal Boost in Oprah Magazine’s “Detox Your Skin”

The article features a reset plan for anyone with sensitive skin, suggesting that they introduce the steps into their skincare routine at the first signs of redness to calm skin and restore radiance.

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Leticia’s favorite aspect of sponsoring

… is helping others. She is motivated by sharing tools to help others be more successful, inside and out.

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Gaudencia says the key to confidence is learning!

To her, the most special part of sponsoring is showing each person that they too can accomplish anything themselves.

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Catalina feels that all of her Consultants are special

… and that they are more than business associates, they’re her friends. She says she has fun and laughs with them and that this is the key to growing something beautiful with her New Consultants.

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Juana focuses on what her Consultants have accomplished thus far…

…and helps them plan out what steps they have remaining to become Managers. Showing them how close they are inspires and motivates them.

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Maria’s main focus is developing leaders who have the desire to help others.

Part of her leadership training is sharing stories about how great it feels to see a Consultant become a Leader.

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Judith uses the Earning Opportunity Guide to prep her Consultants on what to expect as Leaders.

Her team is a family that works together and they focus on weekly meetups for tips and training.

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