Drive into your future
with a new car!

No lease, no penalties! You get the car and title. It’s yours!

Mazda CX-3

Who can earn the car?

ALL Consultants and Leaders willing to complete the requirements within the 12 month qualifying period. It’s going to take consistent work and COMMITMENT to get you there. You’ll need to believe in yourself and your team. Follow the steps below to drive away with your dream car!

When is the best time to get started?

When you are ready to promote a group!



Before the 20th of ANY month, send an email to, confirming you would like to participate in the Mazda Car Program. Let your SDM know that you are committed by copying her to your email.
The following month will be your month 1 of quarter 1.

+ How Long Is The Program? Just Think 12 + 2

+ STEP 1: Personal Sales

+ STEP 2: New Groups

+ STEP 3: Incremental Group Sales

+ Quarterly Breakdown

+ Program Goals

+ Steps To Success!

JAFRA reserves the right to modify programs. For complete details about these programs, see the Compensation Plan on > My Business > Compliance & Legal.