Take a glimpse of what’s waiting for you…

The JAFRA opportunity is more than just a business. From the moment you begin your JAFRA journey, you can earn more, just how much more depends on your effort, your work, and your dedication!

JAFRA makes sure, regardless of what stage you are in your JAFRA career, you’re treated like royalty.

More unique ways to treat yourself
  • Opportunity knocks with trips to travel.
  • JAFRA branded jewelry when you reach new titles.
  • Exclusive incentives and recognition when you build your business like a beauty pro.


From Summer Trip to Circle of Excellence there are multiple ways to travel with JAFRA.

All Consultants and Leaders have the opportunity to earn the Summer Trip, and top Leaders within JAFRA, can earn a spot to attend Circle of Excellence, a trip reserved only for JAFRA’s top performing talent.

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Sparkle and shine with meticulously crafted, beautiful jewelry that reflects your success as a JAFRA Leader! From Manager to Ambassador you will enjoy an extra dash of sparkle every step of the way.

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Exclusive Incentives

When you Sponsor and add to your team you could be rewarded with exclusive incentives just for you,

like, fabulous JAFRA branded totes, jewelry, luggage, and more.

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As you help others find their power within to reach their dreams, you’ll be on your way to reaching yours and when you do, you have the opportunity to be recognized online at or in person at National Conference.

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JAFRA reserves the right to modify programs. For complete details about these programs, see the Compensation Plan on > My Business > Compliance & Legal.