Meet the

2019 President Club Members

It’s an honor to be selected as a member of the President’s Club. Each member must represent the qualities of great leadership and understand the principles and how to’s of setting goals, achieving growth, and realizing dreams.

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District Director 3

Monica’s amazing Leadership style helps others realize their full potential. Sharing success is a journey, it shows that you desire your own growth and the growth of others as well. She is caring and always looks for opportunities to grow with her branches. She is on her way to earning a Mazda.

District Director 2

Mary has more than 40 years of direct-selling experience. She brings commitment, loyalty, and dedication but most importantly, a great wealth of knowledge through her own experience. Mary knows that setting high goals will take her one step closer to the next level of success.

District Director 2

Sharing the opportunity with others is amazing but teaching other to do the same is an art. Lorena is a great example for her team when it comes to sponsoring. This is how great Leaders inspire, leading by example!

District Director 2

Erika is a true warrior who has been working her JAFRA business to it’s maximum potential. She is a true example of what commitment and hard work can do. She embodies the values and integrity that JAFRA stands for and because of that, she was the 2018 Jan and Frank Day Award Recipient.

District Director 1

Ana is a mother of a new baby girl. She sees the growth of her family as an opportunity to find the best version of herself. Her pregnancy gave her the motivation to work hard. Ana will also be part of the Leaders in Red Procession this coming year but her inspiration does not stop there because she’s still working towards the next level in her JAFRA business.

District Director 1

Flora’s entrepreneurial vision helps her excel as a champion. With the purpose of business growth, she invested in classes that taught her how to attract more traffic to her web pages and social media accounts. As a result of her determination, Flora is now a District Director who will be joining the Leaders in Red procession this year.

District Director 1

Through her commitment and passion, Alicia made this a reality! She is a role model for her team and is using everything she learns to continue to grow her business. This is her year and we are confident that she will be celebrating many accomplishments this 2019.

District Director 1

Emma’s key to success has been sharing the opportunity. This year has brought her many heath challenges but despite that, she continues to share. As a great Leader, she has also taught her Consultants to do the same.

District Director 1

Rosa is fairly new to the JAFRA family. Despite her short time owning her own JAFRA business, you can see that she is a Leadership expert. Developing new Leaders is her strength and she does an amazing job helping others transform their personal skills into success. In this short time, she has promoted 4 times and she will soon become one of our fastest promoted District Directors.

District Director 1

Yolanda’s focus is to build strong teams. Being a Leader helps you grow, but it also allows you to help others realize their dreams. Strength in numbers is not only about the quantity but also the quality. The three solid teams she has helped throughout the year have consistently stayed strong.

District Director 1

Carmen has mastered balancing her Sales, Sponsoring, and Leadership activities, which is the definition of organic growth. She focuses on Personal Sponsoring and Sales but also helps everyone in her team do the same. As a result, she enjoys the benefits of being a Leader and having steady business growth. We know that Carmen empowers her team and she will continue to encourage them to grow.

District Manager 3

Luz Maria has the power to increase her income through planning. Selling is also one of her strong skills and she has focused on setting the example for her team!

District Manager 3

Maria del Carmen is one of our bright young members who has mastered the skill of Leadership. Building her business by sharing the opportunity has set a solid foundation for her JAFRA business. She not only became a Manager in a very short time, but she is now a District Manager 2, who is guiding 2 New Leaders towards a successful path as well.

District Manager 2

Patricia is defined as being loyal and committed. In her 35 years with JAFRA, she continues to build a beautiful business. Patricia is an asset to the JAFRA team and we are confident that all her experience will help us continue to grow together.

District Manager 1

When Jackie moved to a different state, she started her JAFRA business knowing it would help her make new friends. Within her first year, she promoted to Manager and discovered that the key to growth is to consistently sponsor and help others. Now, she celebrates the joy of helping others become Leaders and has become a District Manager 1 along the way.

District Manager 1

Norma displays strengths like passion, commitment, and loyalty. These are the same skills that she shares with her team. Her 19 years of loyalty to JAFRA have given support to more than 60 Consultants in her Branch. She has earned her Consultant’s trust through a never-ending commitment to their personal growth.