Together working towards great things!

Celebrating your achievements gives us pride and helps us look forward to an incredible future together. 2020 will be even better because together we will defy the challenges and conquer success. Congratulations to all of our achievers of 2019!

+ You’re a Star Award

The Top Consultant or Leader in the region with the highest number of New Consultants personally added to her team, received the Star Duo Pin and Blue Star Crystal Trophy. Congratulations!

  • Luz Stella Romero, TX, Amethyst
  • Ana Cristina Axume, CA, Diamond
  • Osbelia Álvarez De León, FL, Aquamarine
  • Leo Jiménez, CA, Sapphire
  • Juana Gómez, SC, Steel Magnolias
  • Braulia Mederos Benítez, NC, Gold
  • Judith Morel, IN, Emerald
  • Eduwiges Morales Guerrero, CA, Platinum
  • Verónica Pina González, NY, Golden Eagle
  • Gina Oneill, MN, Amber
  • Carmen Rodríguez, CO, Pearl

+ You’re a Gem Award

+ Sharing and Shining Star Award

+ Sparkling Star Award

+ Diamond Goddess Award

+ Royalty Award

+ The Key to Abundance Award

+ Developing Leaders Award

+ Growing Leaders Award

+ Inspiring Passionate Leaders Award

+ 50 Years of Partnership

+ Million Dollar Club

+ Sharing Award

+ Brilliant Seller Award