We are proud to present

Anita Díaz

as the 2019 Jan & Frank Day Recipient

Nothing fills us with more pride than to recognize the winner of the Jan and Frank Day award for 2019, Anita Diaz. She is an outstanding Leader that shares the heart of JAFRA and is an example of leadership and inspiration for all of us. She is an exceptional woman, who cares for her children, her lineage, and the JAFRA family. She is always learning, she is a person who truly gives love and dedication from her heart to her team and to us here at JAFRA. She has been the winner of many achievements and recently just earned her Mazda meaning she’s a high performing Leader. Being the best version of you in JAFRA means starting each day with an attitude of sharing and caring. Jan and Frank Day followed that philosophy. Every one of you can follow in her footsteps while working to make your dreams come true. Honoring the best version of ourselves is the reason why JAFRA was founded. It’s a part of our heart and of our founding principles.