We are proud to present

JAFRA’s most prestigious honor, the Jan and Frank Day Award, to a Leader who demonstrates the values on which our founders Jan and Frank Day built JAFRA. This year, Erika Marquez was honored for her relentless drive, passion, and enthusiasm for JAFRA.
Her story shows how transformational and crucial JAFRA can be in any woman’s life. For Erika, she’s overcome obstacles in her life that have shaped her as a leader, business woman, and a mother.
8 years ago, her life was different from what it is now. After a difficult separation from her spouse, she found inner strength in her JAFRA business to continue to provide for her 5 children. She’s outweighed the odds and accomplished so much in a short amount of time.
In the past 12 months, Erika has developed into a District Director 1 and has grown her central district sales by 41%. Additionally, she’s had the determination to accomplish personal goals and still provide for her 2 children with autism, 9 and 12 years old, and her 3 children that came after that. Her inner strength shines through her and her Consultants, as she always pushes them to flourish and go further in their own businesses.
Erika did not list excuses to justify why she couldn’t achieve her dreams, but instead, found the way to promote more groups, sponsor more Consultants, and generate more sales. That is why we are proud to present Erika Marquez as JAFRA’s 2018 Jan & Frank Day Award winner.

Jan and Frank Day Winner 2018