Culture is so important to personal growth and your growth as a professional. These next categories highlight JAFRA Leaders who embody the culture, mission, and spirit of JAFRA. With dedication and passion, you’ll lead others to success and together, everyone wins.

Jan and Frank Day

Who will be recognized:
The Leader who embodies the enthusiasm, ethics and drive to transform her life and achieve the success she desires.
  • Jan Day Custom Trophy
Jan Day Trophy

Years of Partnership

Who will be recognized:
• All consultants and Leaders celebrating a 1-Year milestone during 2019.
• All consultants and Leaders celebrating a 5-Year milestone during 2019.
  • 1-Year milestone: Personalized email anniversary card!
  • 5-Year Milestones: Anniversary card and anniversary pin.

5-Year Pin
10-Year Pin
15-Year Pin
20-Year Pin
25-Year Pin

50+ Years with JAFRA

Who will be recognized:
All Consultants celebrating their 50-Year Milestone
  • Receive beautiful bouquets of flowers at National Conference.

Founder’s Club

Who will be recognized:
All Consultants and Leaders celebrating a 30-Year milestone during 2019
  • Founder’s Pin (by mail with card)
  • Special Decanter Royal Jelly at Recognition Desk
  • Complimentary ROYAL REVITALIZE Longevity Balm every 4 months (Included in their order)
Founder's Club Pin
Royal Jelly Decanter
ROYAL Revitalize Longevity Balm