Monday, July 16

After a sun-filled weekend of dancing and exploring beautiful Miami Beach, Summer Trip attendees readied for their return trips home. New friendships formed, summer tans set, it was a weekend full of surprises and lots of laughter shared among JAFRA friends. There’s only one thing left to do, make sure next year is just as spectacular!


Glam Goddesses and a Gala to remember!

Day 4 Started with a rejuvenating and relaxing Yoga class. Guests were able to restore and replenish their bodies with a light, energetic yoga session. After which, breakfast was served. The remainder of the day was reserved for guests to explore and relax however they chose. Whether it was lapping up the sun, swimming in the ocean, or shopping, guests had the chance to experience Miami on their own time before preparing for a little fun at Temple House. One of the most beautifully constructed Art Deco designed buildings found within Miami, perhaps the entire Eastern U.S., Temple House was a delight for Summer Trip guests. Once there, they were greeted with cocktails and conversation before heading in for the Gala Dinner. The room submerged guests in an underwater-like environment. An enchanting experience for Consultants and Leaders alike. It was a true trip for the senses and an unbelievable treat for all.

The close of the evening brought the chance to reflect on the adventures big and small that Consultants and Leaders had over the last few days. It was also a chance to be recognized for their continued hard work and dedication to JAFRA and their teams, before calling it a night and saying goodbye to their friends.


Heart of Miami with some JAFRA soul

Day 3 offered guests the chance to experience the famed Little Havana, known as the heart of Miami Beach, this gem of shops, local restaurants, and brightly colored buildings was the highlight of the day. Consultants and Leaders were excited to explore the area with new friends. Lunch was a fun treat, as guests dined at the famous Ball and Chain! Dancing and excellent food made for a great time and Summer Trip attendees departed for the hotel in the late afternoon to prepare for dinner at Texas de Brazil.

A delectable treat for all, Texas de Brazil, is a delicious oasis of flavor. Guests were treated to world-class cuts of meat and so much more. Including savory hot dishes to sweet desserts, there was plenty for everyone. With guests’ expectations met, they departed to Mangos, to enjoy some live entertainment before returning to their hotel for the evening.


South Beach Chic

DAY 2 Started early with Breakfast at the LOEWS Hotel, before Summer Trip guests departed for a day of adventure, and the chance to explore Nikki Beach. Guests lounged in style and had the opportunity to visit the many shops and local eateries located at the famed celebrity hot spot.

Breaking for lunch, Consultants and Leaders met for a beach party and lunch at Pearl Lounge. Draped in white from floor to ceiling, Pearl South Beach is a chic, elegant and modern 10,000 sq.ft. lounge that begs to be seen. Summer Trip goers had the chance to dine and sip on drinks until 3:15 before returning to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

Dinner aboard Biscayne Lady was a night to remember. Guests were treated to an oceanfront dinner; they’ll never forget. Summer Trip attendees dined on the freshest cuisine and experienced sunset over the water, as they enjoyed dinner on a yacht. As the sun dipped below the clouds, the stars emerged creating a canopy of sparkle, a shining example of what it means to be a JAFRA star!


Summer Trip Kicks off and heats up!

Summer Trip officially kicked-off in Miami Beach, today! Top Consultants and Leaders arrived ready to soak up the sun and relax at the fabulous LOEWS hotel. Guests were greeted by a lush canopy of towering palm trees and the sweet smell of fresh sea air! Summer Trip attendees had a chance to check-in, explore the hotel grounds before getting ready for the Welcome Dinner at the Americana Lawn.

Set against the beautiful backdrop of the ocean and lawn of the LOEWS hotel, guests had the chance to mingle and get to know new friends and old ones. Then, it was time to hit the streets for dancing and a bit of fun to start the weekend. Guests retreated early for the evening, ready to take on the weekend with all of their new JAFRA friends.