Consultants & Leaders
Haven’t earned it yet?
You can earn Level 1 in June!

If you haven’t qualified for Summer Trip, we are giving you the month of June to earn Level 1.

For all Consultants and Leaders who haven’t earned a spot to attend Summer Trip as of June 1, 2018.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Achieve at least 10 Business Builders between December, 2017 and June, 2018 (who achieve the Business Builder level of $1,500 in Personal Retail Sales from December 2017−June 2018).

+ New Updated Requirements:

  • NOW, New Consultants Sponsored on or after April 1st, only need to achieve $1,000 in Retail Sales to count as a Business Builder!
  • Every 2 New Consultants Sponsored in June who QNC with $500 in Retail Sales will NOW count as 1 Business Builder.

All Business Builders and points achieved through May 31st will be added to your June activities.

Earned it?
Bring a Consultant or a Direct Leader with you!

You have already earned your Summer Trip spot… what if you could bring a member of your team with you?

20 Leaders can now bring a Consultant from their Central Branch or a Direct Leader.

Positions Allocation:

80+ CB Active Consultants 3
50-79 CB Active Consultants 3
30-49 CB Active Consultants 7
10-29 CB Active Consultants 7
Total 20

Here’s How:

  • Be one of the top 20 Leaders with the highest number of new Consultants sponsored in June (minimum of 10) in the Central Branch (with a $300 qualifying order)
  • The Consultant or Direct Leader in a winning Central Branch, with the highest number of new Consultants personally sponsored in June (minimum of 2), will go to Miami (as a Level 1 achiever).

*A Category is defined by the Number of Active Consultants in your Central Branch as of May 31, 2018. New Consultants must be Qualified New Consultants with a minimum order of $300 in Retail Sales in June.

Now it’s easier to qualify
We can’t wait
to see you in exciting Miami!

  • Each New Consultant sponsored either in April and/or May with $1,000 in Personal Paid Retail Sales accumulated within both months will count as 1 Business Builder
  • Every 2 New Consultants sponsored in April or May with $500 each in Personal Paid Retail Sales accumulated in the month they join, will count as 1 Business Builder. The 2 New Consultants must be sponsored in the same month.
  • Each QNC in April or May equals 5 points
  • Promote a 1st time New Manager in April and/or May and she will count as 1 Business Builder
  • Reactivate 5 or more inactive Consultants in May with $300 in Personal Paid Retail Sales each and it will count as 1 Business Builder
  • Haven’t met your prior year sales? That is ok. Just achieve the points requirements and you can go to Miami!
Take a pathway onto South Beach and enjoy your day!

December 1, 2017 – May 31, 2018
Consultants, Managers, District Managers, District Directors & Ambassadors

Meet the minimum requirements and earn points based on personal sales activities in the chart below to earn your trip.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Sponsoring at least 10 new Consultants who achieve Business Builder* ($1,500 in personal retail sales) status during the qualification period.
  • Managers & above: grow your Central District Paid Retail Sales over last year during the qualification period.
Enjoy luxury accommodations with an ocean view room.

EARN THE TRIP based on points!
Choose the level that meets your goals and you’ll be on your way to beautiful South Beach!

Level 1 Land Package for You 120
Level 2 Land & Airfare Package for You 160
Level 3 Land & Airfare Package for You + Land Package only for one Guest 240

HOW TO earn points
Set a goal for you to earn the points below and you’ll be beachside in no time!

Activities to Earn Points Points
Personal New Consultants with $500** 2
Personal Business Builders* 10
Monthly Personal Retail Sales – $500-$999 2
Monthly Personal Retail Sales – $1,000 – $1,499 5
Monthly Personal Retail Sales – $1, 500 + 10
*Business Builder is a Consultant with a start date between December 1, 2017 – May 31, 2018 who accumulates $1,500 in personal paid retail sales by May 31, 2018.
**New Consultants must accumulate $500 the month they join or the following month during the qualification period.

AMBASSADORS you have another option!
Ambassadors you can also choose to earn the Summer Trip through influence. Watch your emails for personalized goals during the month of December.


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